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How to Enrol:

To enrol please complete our enrolment form once we have the completed form we will provide you with subsidised primary health care services. In New Zealand, the Ministry of Health subsidises primary health care services but people can only choose one Medical Practice to provide them with subsidised care. People are free to see as many doctors as they wish but will only received subsidised care at one practice . To check if you are eligible to enrol with us see the guidelines on the Ministry of Health website eligibility criteria

Tahunanui Medical Centre has a privacy policy that complies with the Privacy Act 1993 and Health Information Privacy Code 1994. The collection, use, storage, disposal and disclosure of individual patient information comply with the Health Information Privacy Code 1994. To view what your information is used for see “Use and confidentiality of your health information (fact sheet)“.

Please read our Terms of Trade & Use and confidentiality of your health information (fact sheet), before you download the Enrolment From. You will also need to fill in a brief Health Questionnaire and drop this in with your Enrolment Form, together with two forms of identification.

Checklist for Enrolment: